Located in the heart of Brisbane CBD, it’s no wonder the Hilton Hotel is a popular space for corporate and private events. With a grand spiral red staircase and large ballroom, event photography at Hilton Brisbane allows for our professional photographers some creative options to work with.

Awards statue

When we were booked for event photography at Hilton Brisbane we were so excited and ready to take incredible event photos. Our brief from the client was to capture their awards night and our casual event photography style was exactly what they needed. What we hadn’t realised was how much of an effort the client had made to theme the room and the extra effort guests made to dress up in theme – which makes our job so much easier!

CardNo awards statue

As with most events we start capturing the room setup as a whole but as the room was still being prepared we had to start with the smaller details at the tables. In order to capture the lovely room setup we had to ask the wait staff to set aside for a minute and we made sure we didn’t take too much time as they were still preparing the room.

Hilton Brisbane event space

Whilst we were photographing the event the sound and lighting guys went a little too crazy with the smoke machine, but luckily for the client and our experienced event photographer, there was an understanding that perhaps turning down the smoke machine especially during the awards presentation was a good idea. This was a critical decision to ensure the client received the absolute best event photographs possible.

Event photography in Hilton Brisbane

If you’re planning an event, please feel free to consult us for our experience and knowledge when it comes to event planning and event photography. We can give you some helpful pointers to ensure your event and conference photography run smoothly.