Sony Exhibition Stand in Melbourne

Aug 14, 2018Melbourne Events, Recent Events

Our photography expertise isn’t only limited to event photography, in-fact as part of our conference photography coverage we are also asked to photograph expo booths by not only our clients but also exhibition booth builders.

This job however was a little bit different, that the Sony stand was not part of a conference or exhibition but inside busy Melbourne Highpoint shopping centre.

Planning Stage

Pre-planning consisted of finding the perfect time that would not disrupt staff and customers, so ideally a morning session was organised. Making contact with the shopping centre management and having the plans of the stand prior to walking into the job made for a perfectly smooth photoshoot.

Sony Stand 2018
Sony Stand
Sony pop up store inside a shopping centre
Sony Stand 2018 taken on Sony Mirrorless Camera
Sony Stand 2018 taken on Canon DSLR Camera
Sony Stand 2018
Sony Stand 2018

Canon 5D Mark IV vs Sony a7R III Mirrorless

Whilst on-site, the staff at the Sony stand were kind enough to lend me one of their newly released mirrorless cameras to take some photos to compare shots. Can you tell which photos were taken by which camera?


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