Create a paparazzi frenzy – The Doppelganger effect

Sep 8, 2018Event Photography, Ideas

Here come the paparazzi! Celebrity impersonators and look a-likes are no doubt a drawcard for party-goers. If you’re looking to have heads turning and people talking about your event, consider the option of hiring look-alike celebrities. They liven up the atmosphere, surprise guests and (importantly) interact, heightening your guests’ experience and recall of the event overall. As the market for look-alike talent has grown in recent years, talent agencies are offering a greater variety of celebrity options, giving you the opportunity to create a buzz with that special guest who just happened to be in town.

The Surprise Factor

Person dressed as Where's Wally character
Where’s Wally?

More than anything, celebrity impersonators are fun because they are unexpected. Whether it is a fundraising event or a charity dinner you’re hosting, a wedding reception or birthday bash or an over-the-top Halloween party, look-alike celebrities keep your customers excited and amused. And don’t forget: the more unpredictable your choice of celebrities, the more memorable your event will be – and the more impressed your visitors will walk away at the end of the evening.

The Love for Themes

Themed party
Which are the hired characters?

Do you know how much people love themes? Partygoers love to dress up and reminisce, so they’re always looking for excuses to do so. Why not decide on a specific theme for your event and complement it by hiring celebrity impersonators that add a more authentic feel? Plan an Oscars’ afterparty, invite everyone to a Hollywood-themed fundraiser or have The Beatles tribute band keep everybody on the dance floor while you join the fun and watch your attendees having the time of their lives.

Paparazzi Photo Ops

Two popcorn girls with a guest at a party
Photo Opportunities

As there can be no great event without memorable photos, rest assured celebrity look a-likes will attract the attention of both guests and photographers. Partygoers find celebrity impersonators irresistible and are drawn to them for a dance, a chat and hundreds of photos. How else can they prove that they really spent time with Elvis, Marilyn or Sinatra? Expect to see your guests uploading selfies next to their favourite look-alike celebrity, sharing their experience through social media and begging the photographer to take a professional photo of them next to James Dean. Businesses and nonprofit organisations, be ready to see quite the buzz growing around your company. Social media will be swamped with photos from your event and people will be promoting your cause for you.

Dr. Frank N. Furter

Whatever your reasons for organising the event, adding look-alike celebrities to spice up your celebration will make it a great success. Attractive decorations, an interesting crowd and quality food are the foundations, but clever, entertaining additions put your event above the rest.

We asked Bec from Phoenix Entertainment about the important things to remember when booking this genre of entertainment.

QUALITY is key – especially if your guests are also dressing up you need the hired entertainment to be highly skilled performers in really unique costumes that haven’t been picked up from the local hire shop!

Choose characters that will STAND OUT in some way – with added skills (singers, comedians, circus performers) or in the case of impersonators with uncanny likeness to their particular celebs.
Eg. you don’t want to hire the Fonz for your 1950s theme, because half the room will be the Fonz – choose roller girls zipping about on their skates serving drinks or canapés!

TIMING is everything. Roving entertainment always works best when guests are mingling – either for predinner/arrivals or for cocktail style events. Once guests are seated it is better to shift to feature acts.

INTEGRATE the entertainment with your event. Brief performers on what you want to happen and they can use their experience and skills to help this come to fruition. Entertainers are magnets and will be able to move people from one area to another with ease, or to focus everyone’s attention before a speech, or facilitate a room reveal… or just let them work their magic and they will have social media buzzing with photos of your event!

Phoenix Entertainment are specialists in the spectacular, Phoenix supply unique visual entertainment to corporate functions, conference dinners, festivals and special events, tailoring entertainment packages to suit your specific event budget and brief.


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