Dreamworld Corporate Event Photography

Thinking of hosting an event with a difference? Consider holding your event at the Gold Coast’s Dreamworld amusement park. There are multiple event venues to choose from and all groups and types of events are catered for.

Dreamworld is a theme park and zoo situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is Australia’s largest theme park with over 40 rides and attractions, including five roller coasters.

What’s different about corporate Gold Coast event photography at Dreamworld?

A visit to Dreamworld is one like no other. The amusement park, water park and farm make this an incredible day out regardless of age or ability.

Hosting an event at Dreamworld makes use of this space in a creative, innovative way that can provide an upwards lift of the professional output of your event, conference or meeting. This isn’t just any space – this is a space where dreams are made and realised. It’s exciting, it’s special and it promotes the very best reaction from your event attendees.

The meeting and venue spaces at Dreamworld can cater to large or small groups and be fit to serve for vastly different purposes. From large corporate events to team meetings in breakout spaces trying to form thinktanks, Dreamworld is the ‘think outside the box’ venue that you’ve been searching for.

But how can event photography showcase that energy or capture that essence?

Harnessing corporate event photography on the Gold Coast

Event Photos can provide event photographers for your event who are trained in bringing out the very best in people. The images they capture can inspire, excite and delight. They provide the very best in photo branding so your attendees have something to remember you by. They can make your guests feel right and home and, as a result, get natural and joy-filled photos that represent your brand in the best possible light.

What Can They Provide?

Our Gold Coast corporate event photographers can:

  • Provide on-site printing for instant turnaround of images
  • Give your guests access to cutting-edge ‘client delight’ technology like GIF Booths and Green Screens
  • Find the best angles and lighting for every aspect of your event or conference with professionalism, skill, dexterity and creativity
  • Work with you in a consultative fashion throughout your planning phase to ensure clarify of vision and unity of purpose when it comes to representing your event photographically
  • Assure you that, with an industry reputation stretching back nearly 15 years and with testimonials from big-name well-known clients, you’re dealing with the best of the best

Representing and commemorating your event is important. It’s important for your branding and important for you as an organiser. Dreamworld’s event capacities mean you might be about to start planning something really big and exciting – doesn’t it deserve to be appropriately captured?

Do it for yourself. Go on. Dream a little.