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Event photography for conferences, trade shows and expos.

Need amazing conference photography?

Event photography for conferences, trade shows and expos is of incredible importance. The effort that goes into organising these occasions means that you need to work with an event photography company who will take their job seriously. This is not the place for amateurs. Event Photos Australia will work with you to determine exactly what’s needed to make your event special. We’ll get to the bottom of what you need and what your guests need and figure out a way to marry the two experiences to get that ‘wow’ factor every time. It’s what sets us apart. A personal touch that respects the unique goals of the conference, expo or trade show. We have the kind of industry knowledge that’s borne of experience, passion and dedication. Are you in the middle of planning an event or need to organise corporate imagery?

Why clients trust us for Conference Photography

Event Photos Australia is the savvy choice for your next conference. Here’s why:

Our team are fully experience and able to take on any challenge. We’ve covered everything from tiny events to week long conferences across both Australia and New Zealand.

Flexibility of Service
Whatever your event needs, we can cover it. If circumstances change, we’ll take it onboard with a smile. Nothing’s too hard. You can work with us step-by- step or present us with your brief and programme and we’ll map out a plan of attack. Be as hands on as you need to be and feel free to delegate – we’re professionals too!

We can provide the kinds of onsite services that other event photographers only dream of. From onsite printing to live social sharing during the event – we’ve never met a deadline we didn’t like.

Event Photos Australia have experienced, professional, talented photographers who live in your city. They know the area, they know the shooting conditions and they know the venues. They’re all accredited with The Australian Institute of Photography, they’re friendly and approachable and, truth be told, they’re all pretty attractive.

Quality of Product
When you’re dealing with Event Photos Australia you’re dealing with a professional company capable of editing and processing your images to present your event in the best possible light. As they deserve to be.

Trade Show & Expo Photography

You know that when it comes to planning a conference, trade show or expo that there are a mind-boggling number of factors to consider. Our team will:

  • Consider the degree of brand integration required across the shoot of all stakeholders
  • Ensure all key moments are captured
  • Provide a variety of flattering candid and posed shots that will showcase the spirit of the event
  • Cater for any required backdrops and corporate headshots at your event
  • Shoot those special moments (like displays and performances) that you worked so hard on
  • Deliver images that are perfect for your brand and will provide reminders of a successful event for years to come

Our Conference Photography Service Area

From the tip of Australia in Darwin to the charming city of Hobart and all the way to the west coast in Perth and even over the ditch in New Zealand, our photographers have covered conferences in every city. Here are a few venues around Australia our conference photographers have shot in.

Conference Venues in Brisbane:

Conference venues on the Gold Coast:

Conference Venues in Sydney:

  • Sydney ICC
  • Maritime Museum
  • Swissotel Sydney
  • Australian Turf Club

Conference Venues in Melbourne: Conference Photographer in Melbourne

Conference Venues in Adelaide: