Professional Corporate Headshot Photographer

In Office and Event Headshot Photography

Put your best face forward

Corporate Headshots provide a clean, consistent look across the board. We pride ourselves on offering a premium headshot photography service that can cater for corporations of any size.

In office headshots

Our team will be direct your staff on how best to pose in order to ensure a clean, consistent image.

  • Mobile Studio
  • Professional Lighting
  • Onsite/Online Proofing

Our editing process will ensure that these high quality images are fit for print and digital use.

Headshot pricing guide

These rates apply to a same-day shoot with one backdrop.

  • 10 people: $1200 + GST
  • 15 people: $1600 + GST
  • 20 people: $2000 + GST

A group photo is $150 per group. Individuals may select their favourite shots and suggest retouching. If your staff count falls outside of these parameters please advise.

Headshot photography at events

A great way to drive traffic to your exhibition booth and capture leads at your next business event.

A conference, event or trade show is the perfect opportunity to allow your guests to take advantage of your generosity. Providing a professional corporate headshot studio will allow them to make the most of their time at your event and walk away with very positive memories.

Our professional event headshot service includes a professional photographer and mobile studio lighting. Images can be distributed during the event via email, QR Code or post-event via a private web gallery.

How does headshot at events work?

  1. Your guest gets their photo taken with our photographer.
  2. The best photos are chosen and uploaded to our system.
  3. The guest can view and select their photos using an laptop, tablet or phone.
  4. Guest scans their unique QR code and receives their photos.
  5. Guest walks away happy with their new headshot!

The photo review site and email sent to guests can be customised to include your brand colours and logo.

The benefits

You’ve got the attention of hundreds if not thousands of attendees walking around the exhibition. You’ll get a few of keen eyes walking past and you’ll hear “oh, my LinkedIn headshot is ten years old. I need a new one”. The line will grow gradually and as humans we are a curious bunch and we love to see what everyone else is lining up for! But this isn’t the best part…

As the photographer is doing what they do best, your staff are busy mingling with customers waiting for their headshot. A great opportunity to chat about your product or service.

Now imagine later on in the day. People are showing their friends at the event their headshot and are now bringing them over to your stand! The power of a professional headshot that can be delivered onsite will beat any free branded pen or hand sanitiser.

This is a guaranteed head turner.

Headshot Photography and Corporate Headshot Photography FAQs

Welcome to the FAQ for Headshot Photography and Corporate Headshot Photography! We will answer the most commonly asked questions about these two types of photography. 

First things first, headshot photography engagingly captures an individual’s face. When referring to corporate headshot photography, it is important to emphasise that it focuses on creating professional, visually appealing, and consistent headshots that businesses, organisations, and individuals can use for promotional and marketing purposes. 

Whether you’re looking to update your professional headshot or need images for your company’s marketing materials, we at Event Photos Australia got you covered. So, let’s dive in and answer some of the frequently asked questions about headshot photography and corporate headshot photography.

Professional Corporate Headshot Photographer FAQs

What is Headshot Photography?

Headshot photography focuses primarily on the subject's face, with minimal emphasis on the body or background. Headshot typically frames the subject's head and shoulders and the subject is usually posed facing the camera with direct eye contact. The headshots may serve as a powerful tool for actors, models, performers, business professionals, and anyone looking to present themselves in a clear, professional and compelling manner. These professional photographs may also be used in corporate settings and utilised for professional profiles on social media, company websites, and business cards. Headshots can also be used for personal branding purposes, such as resumes or personal websites.

What Should I Wear for a Headshot?

Headshot photography, especially corporate headshot photography, is all about the positive first impression. So, when preparing for a headshot photography session, dressing professionally is key. You should dress according to your business niche and pay attention to fit and grooming. When choosing your outfit for a headshot, consider the dress code of your industry. So, if you work in a more creative sector, such as advertising, entertainment, or design, a more casual outfit comes into play. On the other hand, if you work in a more formal field, such as finance or law, a suit and tie or a tailored dress may be appropriate.

What is the Difference Between a Headshot and a Portrait?

The terms "headshot" and "portrait" are often used synonymously, but they are not the same thing. Nonetheless, these two styles have unique characteristics and serve different purposes. A headshot typically frames the subject's head and shoulders, while a portrait may show the subject's entire body. A portrait can be framed in various ways, including full-body, three-quarter body, waist-up, or head and shoulders. Typically, a portrait or environmental portrait is captured while an individual is working in their designated environment, such as an office or in the field. Another difference between a headshot and a portrait is in their uses. Both headshots and portraits have professional applications such as business, marketing, and promotion. While business headshots and team headshots are commonly used on company websites, LinkedIn profiles, advertising and promotional materials, professional portraits are more likely to be used in creative settings such as company newsletters, magazines or press releases.

Why is Corporate Headshot Photography Important for Businesses?

Firstly, corporate headshots help businesses project a professional image. A well-taken headshot can show that a company takes itself seriously and is committed to presenting a professional image to clients, customers, and partners. Besides, corporate headshots can be used for branding. It can reinforce a company's brand and convey the desired message. For example, if a company wants to project a friendly and approachable image, headshots can be taken in a fun way to show alignment with an easy-going brand. Having a set of high-quality, consistent headshots can ensure that a company's visual identity is cohesive across all channels and materials. This helps build brand recognition and establish trust with clients and customers. Building a Strong Team Corporate headshots can also be used internally within a business. They can be used on company intranets, in internal communications, and employee profiles. This can help create a sense of unity and cohesion within a company, as well as foster a sense of pride and ownership among employees. Finally, corporate headshots can be a valuable tool for recruiting and retaining talent. Job candidates are often attracted to companies that project a professional and approachable image, and seeing high-quality headshots of current employees can help give them a sense of what it would be like to work for the company. Similarly, employees who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to stay with a company long-term. To sum up, corporate headshot photography is an important investment for businesses looking to project a professional image, reinforce their brand, humanise their business, create a cohesive visual identity, foster employee engagement and retention, and attract top talent. The Benefits of Consistent Corporate Headshots for Employee Engagement There are several benefits for employees when a company invests in professional corporate headshot photography. Here are some of them: Professional Development: Taking part in a corporate headshot session can help employees improve their professional development. They will learn how to present themselves confidently, which can be useful in various business situations, such as networking events, conferences, or presentations. Improved Online Presence: A high-quality corporate headshot can help employees establish a strong and professional online presence. It can be used on their LinkedIn profile, professional website, or social media profiles. Having a professional image online can increase visibility, credibility, and employability. Recognition and Morale: By having their headshot featured on the company website or marketing materials, employees can feel a sense of recognition and pride. This can help increase their morale and job satisfaction. Sense of Unity and Belonging: A set of consistent and professional headshots of employees can create cohesion within a company. It can help employees feel a sense of community. Professionalism: Finally, investing in professional corporate headshot photography can show employees that the company is committed to presenting a professional image. This can increase their confidence in the company and its brand, and help them feel like they are part of a reputable organisation.

How Long Does a Headshot Photography Session Take?

The length of a headshot photography session can vary depending on several factors, such as the number of outfit changes, the location of the shoot, and the number of people being photographed. Generally speaking, a headshot photography session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. We allow 10-15 minutes per person in a headshot office environment. For Event headshots it takes about 2-3 minutes per person.

How Much Does Headshot Photography Typically Cost?

We provide comprehensive quotes that cover the entire service, and you can choose to add any additional extras you may require. There are no hidden costs – the only extra charge may be for parking if there are no free parking options available at your venue or office. When it comes to methods of payment, upon receipt of your invoice, you can pay via EFT or Credit Card, including Visa, MasterCard, or American Express (additional fees and charges may apply). These rates apply to the following packages: Up to 10 people: $150 per person + GST. For 11 or more people please contact us for a custom quote. Individuals may select their favourite shots and suggest retouching. For the number of employees in your workforce that does not fall within these parameters, please let us know. If you would like to get a more detailed quote, we are open to hearing from you and giving you guidance about your photographic project requirements.

How Soon After My Headshot Session Will I Receive My Photos?

Once the photos have been processed and uploaded, the delivery time is typically within 3-5 business days.

Why Should Corporate Headshots Be Taken on Location?

Hiring a professional photographer to take corporate headshots on location can be a worthwhile investment for companies looking to create a strong visual presence and promote a positive company culture. Location headshots can offer a natural and relaxed look, particularly if the location is relevant to the company's industry or branding. For example, a headshot taken in the factory may work well for a manufacturing company, while a shot taken on the trading floor may work well for a financial services firm. On-site photo sessions can help capture a more genuine and natural appearance that is particular to each employee's workplace. This might be crucial for businesses that emphasise authenticity and want to highlight their team members in a setting that accurately represents their actual workplace. Moreover, professional photographers can add significant value to a company's events by capturing high-quality corporate headshots of employees. We offer headshot photography at events such as conferences, trade shows, team-building activities, product launches, or company parties. These images can be used to showcase the company culture and help to create a sense of community among employees. The companies can also use those images for internal communication and future marketing campaigns. In conclusion, corporate headshot photography plays a critical role in helping businesses project a professional image, boost their brand, and humanise their business. It can also be a part of a talent acquisition strategy. By investing in high-quality headshots, businesses can create a cohesive visual identity across all channels, and stand out in today's competitive marketplace.