Four steps to perfect Christmas party photography

The lead up to Christmas is known as the ‘Silly Season’ for good reason. You’re trying to get organised before the holidays while fitting in all the extra events filling up your calendar… but don’t forget about your Christmas Party Photography!

If you’ve decided to host your own Christmas party or are in charge of organising end-of-year work events, your to-do list can quickly get out of control. Enlisting the help of an event photographer can ease the pressure and ensure that you get to appreciate all your hard work while making your Christmas party a night to remember.

Entertain the masses – Christmas Party Photography

Top of your worry list when you host a party is whether your guests will have a good time. No one wants to host an event that people want to leave. Instead of pulling out party games, ice-breakers or more alcohol to keep the punters happy, you can keep them interested and interacting with novelty party photos.

Set up a corner for themed photographs and group shots to keep the clutter of the event out of the background. Better yet a green screen can transport your guests to another world, while a photo booth can provide quirky group mementoes. Add the ability to print photos on the spot, and you can be sure not only will they have fun but they’ll also remember it for years to come. If you are in Melbourne and want something extra special to keep your guests entertained, see our special new offer below.

Smooth sailing

A Christmas party is a time to celebrate and everyone deserves the opportunity to relax after a big year. It’s hard enough being in charge of organising an event, you won’t want to spend all your time taking photos as well. Even if you know a budding photographer, you want to make sure your guests can all enjoy themselves rather than worry about getting the right shot.

Hiring an event photographer to cover your Christmas party can help relieve some of the pressure. It allows everyone gets the celebration they deserve and you’re guaranteed to get a better result. It also means you can be sure you won’t miss a moment if you get distracted or go to the bathroom during a key speech. Provided you give your professional photographer a good brief and schedule of events, then you can make sure they are on hand when you need them, not just when they remember.

Let your hair down

There’s one at every work social event: the person that takes the fun a bit too far. But letting your hair down doesn’t need to end in disaster when you’re looking over the photos. The only thing worse than a killer hangover is finding a photo online that tarnishes your reputation or shows you in an unflattering light.

If you want to ensure what happens at the Christmas party photography stays at the Christmas party, a professional photographer can help. They will be on hand to ensure photos are only taken that show your guests in a good light so there won’t be any awkward conversations later.

Photos worth sharing

While some opt for disposable cameras or camera phones to let their guests capture special moments, this rarely works out the way you planned. As the night progresses, the photos get steadily worse. The last thing you want is a photo being shared that shows you or your business in a less than favourable light.

With our Christmas Party photography, you can be sure that while you may get blurry vision, you won’t get blurry photos. Furthermore, an event photographer will provide you with a range of shots so you can avoid collecting ‘table shots’: awkward photos that show more messy leftovers than actual people.

For those hosting Office Christmas Parties

Capturing the essence of an office Christmas party through photography is all about ensuring a memorable and successful event. To achieve this, meticulous planning and execution are key. First and foremost, it’s crucial to have a pre-event consultation with the party organisers to understand their vision, objectives, and any specific moments or themes they’d like to highlight. Discussing the venue’s layout and lighting conditions is essential to prepare for any potential challenges. In addition, having the right equipment, including high-quality cameras and lighting gear, is a must. Being unobtrusive while mingling with the guests helps create natural and candid photographs. Lastly, offering a mix of group photos, candid moments, and artistic compositions ensures a well-rounded collection of memories that reflect the festive spirit of the occasion. By paying attention to these details, an office Christmas party photographer will be a valuable addition to having a fun night full of memories.

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