Go viral NOW! Tested tricks from your event photographer

Your event photographer holds the secret to make your event go viral.

Want to get your brand noticed on the web? Want to get the word out there about the great work you do? Want to gain more leads? Want to grow your mailing lists?

Photobooth Alternatives

Photo booths that print out take home photos are so yesterday. Event Photos Australia has GIF Booth technology that enables guests to create photos and Boomerangs which are instantly shareable on Social Media. The images can have YOUR brand listed on them and, if you provide your guests with an appropriate hashtag, they’ll be immediately traceable to your event. Cha-ching! Free content of your guests having fun and engaging with your brand? That sounds like money in the viral bank.

Employ Technology That’s Sharable by your Event Photographer

What if you could instantly capture professional event photography and share them in a matter of seconds, complete with your branding and a personalised gallery with an option for your guests to print their photos onsite.

Be Bold, Try Something New

Have you worked with your event photographer to ensure your event is staged in a way that will make the photos stand out? Have you got guests or entertainment that sets you apart from the rest?

You have to rely on OTHERS sharing your material to go viral. Take those images to Instagram or Facebook and encourage others to tag and share. Think like your target market – what do they want to see and where would they expect to see it?

Quality Over Advertising Investment

Social media audiences are savvy. They know a paid or sponsored post when they see it and they’re less likely to feel inclined to interact when they know they’re being sold to. Creating evocative advertising campaigns, using images provided by your event photographer, will show your brand for what it is and promote wider engagement. They’ll delight in your product, be fascinated by what you can do and that delight will be more likely to result in lead conversion down the track.

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who You Know

Lastly, consider the use of Instagram influencers. These are the key partners that you can work with to share your brand to a wider audience (namely, theirs). You can use blogger outreach via digital marketing agencies to find the right influencer for your brand. Mummy bloggers, Insta-models, fitspo fanatics or lifestyle influencers could very well be the key to getting your virality on.