How to ensure your headshots are the best

Getting ahead of the competition

High quality corporate headshots are not actually as common as you’d think. Many companies and businesses have been sold low-end packages at a high end price and are then left wondering why their brand doesn’t seem to be resonating with their market. Want to know why? It’s a bit harsh but it’s the brutal truth. The photos are ugly.

The Curse Of The Ugly Headshots

Look at your current headshots. Really look at them, objectively. As if you were a customer and as if you’d never met any of your staff before. Are they truly being presented in their best light? Do the photos show off their work ethic? Their professionalism? Their determination to make your business succeed?

If the answer’s not a resounding yes then you’ve been sold a dud. And it’s time to take your business back with headshots that accurately represented your potential and your capacity to serve the needs and interests of your clients.

What should good headshot photography look like?

It’s not about Photoshop and it’s not about glossing over any flawed skin or grey hair. It’s about accurately representing the genuine work ethic, diligence, enthusiasm and industry expertise that you’ve got working for you.

Here’s how a decent headshot photographer constructs their headshots:


Headshots look best when lit with portrait lighting. However, this is a tool that many use – you need to make sure your event and headshot photographer knows how to use it well. They should be able to provide a variety of samples of past work to support their claims. We’d suggest not falling for the hype but asking for the proof.


Your photographer should be able to present you with a range of different backdrops that will give your headshots a more personalised look that’s individual to your company’s brand. If they can’t do it? Put them in the background instead.

Timing Is Everything

Your photographer, if they are visiting your workspace, should be flexible enough to work around the needs of your staff. If your employees feel rushed or pressured then chances are they’re not going to be able to put their best face forward. Ask questions if your photographer is rushing everyone about and then presenting you with a big fat invoice at the end of the day. High quality work requires a degree of flexibility.


Last but definitely not least, you are trusting your brand into your photographer’s hands. It is an expectation of business that communication be open and honest. Emails and phone calls should be answered in a timely fashion and questions shouldn’t be lingering long after the smoke has cleared. Choose a photographer with a reputation for being easy to approach, easy to work with and easy to contact.

Corporate Headshot Photography

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