National Roadshow for MFAA

Event Photos Australia provided National Event Photography Coverage for the MFAA National Roadshow which brought together brokers, lenders, aggregators and suppliers from across the country, and presents sessions on business growth opportunities and strategies, and sessions addressing the biggest industry issues of the time.

The MFAA National Roadshow toured all major capitals across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Attendees were treated to “engaging”, “challenging”, “thought-provoking” and “beneficial” day when attending the National Roadshow conference, and received real and practical information and advice that they can apply to their business to make a real impact.

The MFAA National Roadshow also featured suppliers and industry partners exhibiting their latest products and services, and is coupled with the state MFAA Excellence Awards presentations.

Conference Photography

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Conference

There isn’t a high level of difficulty in covering the same conference over 5 states with the same speakers. The challenge comes to play when trying to capture different shots so the client can walk away with different images and not just the same ones over and over.

Every photographer has a different style, but we also like to experiment with different lighting techniques and also lenses or tools we have in our arsenal.

Find out what clients love about our conference photography services.

Headshots at the Expo

MFAA asked us to provide a solution for one of their sponsors to deliver corporate headshots to delegates. Our headshot setup at an event was a great hit, not only delivering great leads to the sponsor but it was so popular they decided to make it available in all states.

Our event setup is compact and includes professional lighting, an experienced friendly photographer and high resolution images for guests.

Awards Night Photography

Covering an awards night in front of hundreds or sometimes thousands of people is not for the faint-hearted. Stage lighting can be all over the place throwing your camera settings off, then the glare of eyes all watching you at the front of stage. Lucky for you, our team have plenty of experience in covering fast paced awards nights and making sure we get the shot.

Media Wall Photography