The Importance of Corporate Branding Photography

Corporate branding photography is the most vital piece of any marketing plan. The business world is competitive and your brand, and products, need to be a shining beacon unto others so that you stand out from the crowd.

Corporate photography has moved well past the standard stock photos that made the grade in years gone by. The world has moved away from tired cliched images of handshakes, PowerPoint presentations and interchangeable men and women in suits. Customers and clients are more savvy than that and they’re looking for branded content that they can trust and relate to.

Why is corporate branding photography important?

It’s what cements your brand in the mindset of the consumer and positions you differently to your competitors. Beautiful imagery that can be easily adapted to a variety of promotional materials and contexts that speaks of your passion, your energy and your place in the market. They’re designed for the all-important social media share factor – the ‘WOW’ that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. They should be reflected in your LinkedIn presence and be promoted in as many places as is appropriate.

A Certain Style

Images that are shot should be carefully staged, edited and selected. They’re the representation of everything that’s great about your brand and need to be crafted with your values in mind. Whatever’s important to you should be front and centre of every single corporate shot that is delivered.

Great corporate photography is creative yet selective. These are meticulously designed shots that speak to your audience in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

You need to work with photographers who not only understand your market but who are well aware of what your competitors are doing. They’ll know where your market position is and they’ll be able to work closely with your marketing team to create a unique presence that drastically improves your branded presence. Whether you’re a traditional brand or something with a more modern flavour, your corporate branded photography will showcase everything that’s unique about your company.

Your corporate headshots can work well to ensure that your brand imagery is consistent and classy. This will help promote the culture of your workplace – be it as consummate professionals who offer services or as game changers who are disrupting the game. Making sure that your photography services are able to reflect the image that you would like to send is absolutely key to ensuring that the right message goes out at the right time.

The Photos That Count

Shots of your team at work, headshots, products and brand events are how you’ll be able to get your market to sit up and take notice. Choosing the best locations, lighting and editing tools are vital steps in the process that can convey the right feeling and personality that you want your brand to be known for. Why not start today?