Tips for Planning an Awards night

Planning an Awards Night doesn’t have to be difficult

Your awards night is your night of nights. It’s the time for your brand, your business and your hard work to shine.

Our Event photographers are seasoned professionals when it comes to working with event organisers and planners. Here are four solid tips, straight from the photographer’s mouth, that will help lift your event from good too great.

Create a Brief

Coming up with a solid, extensive brief that all invested parties (including your event photographer) will have access to is absolutely key to planning an awards night that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Include the following:

  • Where is your event being held?
  • What are the goals? (Beyond having fun – what are you really trying to achieve?
  • How can all parties work towards that goal?)
  • How can success be measured?
  • What is the date and time of the event? When will preparation start? When will ‘bump out’ (removing everything) occur? What’s your timeline?
  • How many people will be attending? Who are they going to be? You could create a ‘typical attendee’ profile to get a clear idea of who’ll be in attendance.
  • What is the tone of the event? Serious? Frivolous?
  • What key elements need to occur? Include speeches and awards as well as any performances.
  • Set a clear event budget that leaves room for error or overflow.

Add More Value – Give Your Guests Something Extra

Here’s where Event Photos Australia really shine.

Provide your guests with the capacity to extend their experience from just the night itself. That might be a traditional photobooth or it might be something more evocative like a GIF Booth, technology that has the capacity to be shared on social media – in seconds.

Creating opportunities for guests to mingle and enjoy themselves will add to the evening in ways you couldn’t begin to imagine. New conversations, a broader sense of fun and the creation of lasting memories could be just what you need to make this the most memorable event ever.

That’s Entertainment!

As per the above, your guests will want to be captivated by your event. They’re dressed up, they’re looking wonderful and they’re ready to celebrate your company. Booking quality entertainment will ensure that this is a night of nights. A musical act, performance or a celebrity appearance are all key to lifting your event into the stratosphere.

Get Social

Take advantage of social media when planning your event (your event photographer will know all about this!). You can create a hashtag for guests to use when sharing images, you can use the GIF Booth from the services listed above to create branded sharable content and you could even create a twitter account to share winners or deserving work teams.

Taking control of the socials will ensure that your event remains relevant long after the doors are shut. An online presence could lead directly to a landing page on your site that will see further revenue, or it could act as a lead magnet to capture email addresses for your mailing list. There is lots of untapped potential here and this is a great tip to ensuring your event is a roaring success.