Event Photos PLUS

Real Time Photo Delivery – The Latest Tech in Event Photography


Want to see how this looks in real time?

Features of Event Photos PLUS

Below are some features of the real time delivery of the Event Photos PLUS system.

Experienced event photographers make sure the photos are as close to perfect as possible.

Add the option of onsite prints to your real time photo service.

Stream fresh content for marketing & social media managers anywhere in the world.

Brand your photo cards and web gallery to match your event of company’s branding.

Integrate event and conference lanyards and name tags to include our photo QR code.

Collect stats on your guests’ event photos distribution and social voice.

Why We’re the Leaders in Event Photography

We’re on the ground every day taking professional photos at big events like conferences, trade exhibitions and gala awards nights – to name but a few! We love what we do but we understand that sometimes there feels like there’s a little ‘downtime’ in the space between snapping and sharing.

That’s why we’ve come up with Event Photos PLUS – a revolutionary movement that’s going to change the face of event photography.

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What Do We Do?

It’s so deliciously simple it should almost be illegal.

When we take our photos they are instantly uploaded to the Cloud. We give your guests a unique card that can be branded to your event. All they have to do is scan the barcode and then they can instantly access their own private gallery. Perfect for social sharing in real time. 

As admin, you’ll also get a code that will grant you access to the admin page wherein you’ll get to see all of the photographs taken during your event. Here you can view, share and download them to make the most of your social media channels.

Why Do We Do It?

Like we said, we know what you need. You need content to keep your social media managers busy so they can get your brand OUT THERE. You can even have your hashtags planned well in advance to capture the moment perfectly.

This is content that engages and excites both new audiences and your current event attendees – it keeps everyone happy! And at Event Photos Australia, we love to share the love!

There’s just so much to say but, you know what? Just like all of our content, the proof’s in the pudding. Event Photos Australia promises you the highest quality service making use of the best products and equipment on the market. We’re highly trained, highly motivated and highly attractive. (What? It helps!)

Let’s get REAL time photography happening at your next event with Event Photos PLUS.

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