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Instant Event Headshots

Professional corporate headshots photographed and delivered onsite instantly.
Event Headshots

Conference and Event Headshots

Corporate headshots can be a tricky beast. Aside from securing an experienced and professional photographer, it can be difficult to negotiate time in your busy company schedule. They can be time consuming, potentially disruptive and can sometimes result in a temporary loss of productivity if not done efficiently. A difficult pill to swallow when this is a service you’re engaging to improve your business.

Event Photos Australia believe in doing things right and doing them well. It’s all about timing in both photography and in business. The decision to combine event photography with corporate headshots seemed like common sense. You have all of your staff gathered in one place and they are well-presented. We are there with the highest quality of equipment and a range of backdrops.

It’s just good business.

Features of our Event Headshots

Professional events headshots add additional value to your conference, exhibition stand or event.

  • Quick & easy professional event headshots
  • Professional mobile studio
  • Our team will take care of all setup and administration
  • Onsite viewing and selection for guests to review their images
  • Onsite or online gallery for distribution
  • All images professionally edited
  • High resolution images available
  • Collect data from guests (optional)

How does headshot at events work?

  1. Your guest gets their photo taken with our photographer.
  2. The best photos are chosen and uploaded to our system.
  3. The guest can view and select their photos using a laptop, tablet or phone.
  4. Guest enter their email or scan a QR code.
  5. Guests will receives an email with their photos.
  6. Guest walks away happy with their new headshot!

The photo review site and email sent to guests can be customised to include your brand colours and logo.

Benefits of Event Headshots

A conference, event or trade show is the perfect opportunity to allow your guests to take advantage of your generosity. Providing a professional corporate headshot studio will allow them to make the most of their time at your event and walk away with very positive memories. You’ve got the attention of hundreds if not thousands of attendees walking around the exhibition. You’ll get a few of keen eyes walking past and you’ll hear “oh, my LinkedIn headshot is ten years old. I need a new one”. The line will grow gradually and as humans we are a curious bunch and we love to see what everyone else is lining up for! But this isn’t the best part…

As your photographer is doing what they do best, your staff are busy mingling with customers waiting for their headshot. A great opportunity to chat about your product or service.

Now imagine later on in the day. People are showing their friends at the event their headshot and are now bringing them over to your stand! The power of a professional headshot that can be delivered onsite will beat any free branded pen or hand sanitiser.

This is a guaranteed head turner.

event headshots at conference

How do corporate headshots at an event work?

If you’re looking for corporate headshots in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or other capital cities then taking them at an event might be the best business decision you make.

The shots taken by Event Photos Australia are well away from the hustle and bustle of the event itself. They’re professional arranged and lit and taken in front of a coloured backdrop. Attendees can view their images to assure that they are the best possible professional representations. Photos can be either printed onsite or delivered digitally, depending on your preference.

Taking corporate headshots in this manner ensures that the flow of your event is not disrupted. It is a subtle process designed to improve your brand’s reputation by providing a premium service for your guests. They simply won’t have been given this level of consideration before – and they’ll remember you for it.

Enhancing your guest experience

Your event is about so much more than numbers, costs and branding material. It’s about people. It’s about the impression they get when they enter the space, how they feel when they’re inside and what they take away with them afterwards. It’s about the days and weeks afterwards when your event is discussed in meeting rooms, break rooms and car parks.

It’s about lasting impressions. The hard work and effort you put into your design and vision is reflected in the experiences of your guests and the way they feel about you well after they leave. Make that special connection and leave your mark on their mindset. Finding ways to add to the experience of your guests are the kind of flourish and attention to detail that separates the good from the great.

Event Headshots Data Capture

In addition to corporate headshots at your event, you could also consider a range of other guest experiences that will lift your occasion above and beyond expectation. Your clientele may find onsite printing to be that perfect special touch. They may be a fun crowd engaging with a fun product and find green screen photography engaging. They could be looking for that break from the corporate suit life and embrace the frivolity of a photo booth. Whomever you’re hosting, we’ve got the right fit.

What do corporate headshots at events cost?

When woven into the price of your event photography, the cost of corporate headshots becomes very reasonable. You can offer this service for your conference guests so they can also update their own LinkedIn profiles and professional resumes – a perk they’ll be talking about long after they leave.

As each event is different please contact us for a quote.