Ze | Perth Photographer

Ze started his photography career when he first bought his own Kodak Express photo lab store. Processing photos and getting the colours correct gave him a lot of experience in getting colours perfect for printing. Ze then ventured off to event photography doing events and using film gave him perspective into getting the perfect shots to maximise his sales as there were only 36 exposures to a roll of film. Ze then developed his interest in events, portraits and wedding photography in which he is been specialising in to this day. Ze is a passionate photographer and has been a full time professional photographer for over 12 years now. He has won numerous awards including awards from the AIPP.

Favourite things to photograph?

Ze is not only our awesome Perth event photographer but he is also an amazing wedding photographer. Are you in the middle of planning an event or need to organise corporate imagery? When not shooting corporate work or weddings he lives to shoot soft beautiful portraits.

When not on a job what do you like to do?

It’s not very often Ze gets a few days too himself, but if he ever gets a chance he uses his time to travel (he’s currently in the Phillipines as we write this). When he can’t get away you can find him wetting a line and trying to catch some fish.