Awards Season – Your Night of Nights and Our Time to Shine

As we speed towards the end of the year, it’s time to look back on the year that was. It’s time for awards season.

The achievements, the mergers, the expansions and the individual efforts that contributed to make your team work. The departure of long-term staff and the welcoming of new ones. The workplace culture that you’ve pushed so hard to create and enhance. Those big wins, the big losses and the moments when you shook your head and wondered how exactly you got here.

Why you need to hire a photographer for your awards night

It may not have occurred to you how important an event photographer at your end of year function is. After all, your staff will have their phones with them and someone might have a camera for a few happy snaps. What’s the harm in that?

There’s no specific harm in just getting someone on staff to do a few point and clicks. What’s missing, though, is the opportunity cost involved. You’re faced with a real moment in time where your staff are at their happiest and comradery is at an all-time high. Are you willing to chance capturing those moments to Becky from front desk who’s had a few wines?

Making Your Employees Sparkle

Event photography can add that certain something to your event experience as well as providing you with a wealth of memories after the fact.

Event Photos Australia can promise you:

  • A photo booth setup complete with props, branded prints and filters to bring out that fun-loving awards season spirit
  • A GIF booth can take that fun to the next level with Boomerangs (a few frames of footage that move back and forth) as well as a number of special effects
  • A Green Screen station that can add exciting special effects tailored for your industry and event
  • Traditional ‘roaming’ photos designed to catch people in the moment with spontaneous, soul-filled photography that shows your excellent employees in their best and most natural light
  • Professional photographs and videos of speeches, award distribution, hand shakes and entrance and exit

There’s so much more to taking photographs at your end of year event than taking a few shots on an iPhone. Your staff are worth more. Their achievements are worth more. YOU are worth more.

The Day After The Night Before

When the dust has settled and the smoke is clear, why are these memories so important to capture?

Your staff are your brand. Their happiness, their job satisfaction, their achievements and their relationships with each other are of the upmost important to YOUR brand. Without them, you are nothing.

Professionally captured moments from your awards night and awards season can go a long way towards fostering that very particularly corporate culture that you’ve been working towards. Imagine the delight after the return from break to see the images you’ve chosen reflected in all staff emails, framed group shots and branded images they can pick up and hold. It’s like a time capsule of the year that was, and you’re giving it to them to inspire them at the start of the next year.

And that’s just good business.

Booking an Event Photographer for your Awards Night

The very best event photographers are busy at this time of year. It’s vital to get in touch with a company with an excellent industry reputation for high quality work and fast delivery of product.

Event Photos Australia are positioned all over the country and are waiting to turn your good event into something great.