We shot the Metcash Expo at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

From Sunday 14th July to Tuesday 16th July we were lucky enough to be involved in the Metcash Supermarkets and Convenience Expo! It was an action packed three day event. Conference sessions, gala nights, awards ceremonies and one of Australia’s largest supermarket expos made for a HUGE deal! We hit the ground running to produce high quality, dynamic still photos and videography. We loved having the opportunity to showcase this important event that we have been a part of for the past ten years.

The Expo Itself

This was, effectively, the IGA National Conference. The multi-day event included an exposition for retailers who were then educated about the brand by means of some great information PLUS a bunch of cool speakers. There were roughly 6000 visitors across the three-day event. The Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre and The Star Gold Coast was absolutely the pick of the litter when it came to hosting venues and we just love shooting there!

What We Do That’s Different

We’ve been involved in this event for the past ten years. As a result, when it came time for organisers to collate a slideshow presentation showcasing highlights from their Excellence Awards night, accessing a host of images for their awards presentations, we were able to quickly (and easily) dive into our collection to pull out the very best images to showcase some of the highlights.

This is what we love about what we do. Forming lasting relationships with clients gives us the power to become a real resource for them when it comes to ongoing management and presentation of images and videography. Had they simply hired whoever was free or ‘the cheapest they could find’, they wouldn’t have access to our professional shooting and storage capabilities.

There Were Three Shooters

It’s hard to capture still photography AND take high quality videos at the same time. That’s why we employed a two shooter approach for this event, with a third team member on call for certain parts of the event. Our crack team shadowed each other to really capture the scope of this massive event. This means that the images we produced as well as the videos were not only great but expansive enough for the organisers to really pick and choose from.

We’ve found that if you put a big event in the hands of only one person you’re going to be naturally limited in terms of coverage. Two shooters, for us, covered all bases and meant that we were able to best serve the needs of our client.

Why We Love Shooting on the Gold Coast


The facilities at the GCCEC are second to none. We’ve always had a fantastic time shooting events at this location. Fantastic lighting setups, friendly stuff and brilliant facilities means that we always have a great time.