Gold Coast Expo Photography

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) is a world class venue set on the Gold Coast‘s Broadbeach within minutes of Surfers Paradise and beautiful beaches. The convention centre is a great venue for Gold Coast expo photography due to its bright LED lighting and high ceilings. It is one of our favourite venues to photograph in because every event we’ve covered there has always been different and each visit brings something new.

The large event halls at the GCCEC provide plenty of options for expo layouts for professional conference organisers. As some halls can be used for conference sessions while the larger halls can hold large exhibitions. Here are just come of the exhibitions we’ve covered at the GCCEC.

Why do you need Expo Photos?

Whether you’re a professional conference organiser, an exhibition stand builder or have a stand at an expo showcasing your brand, professional expo photography is not only a good idea for record keeping purposes but also to showcase your work on social media, websites and potential clients.

What makes good expo photography?

Photos of or around your expo stand can be captured a couple of ways. When it comes to exhibition stands for expo booth builders we like to get in early before the crowds are let in and capture the stand as a whole. We use wide angle lenses and place them on tripods ensuring that the vertical lines are as straight as possible.

When capturing interaction at the booths, we like to use a longer lens and capture them candidly and try and capture branding behind the subjects. We try avoid lunch periods when people are trying to eat or carrying food – it’s never a good look.

10 Reasons why you should choose the Gold Coast for your next expo or trade show

The Gold Coast is an excellent location for hosting expos or trade shows due to several compelling reasons:

  1. Scenic Setting: The stunning coastal backdrop of the Gold Coast provides a visually appealing setting that can enhance the overall ambiance of the expo, attracting attendees and creating a memorable experience.
  2. Infrastructure: The city offers state-of-the-art venues and exhibition centres equipped with modern facilities and adaptable spaces, capable of accommodating various expo sizes and requirements.
  3. Tourism Hub: Being a popular tourist destination, the Gold Coast attracts a diverse and extensive visitor base, providing expos with the potential for increased foot traffic and exposure.
  4. Accessibility: The Gold Coast has excellent connectivity, including an international airport and well-developed transportation networks, making it convenient for national and international attendees to travel to the expo.
  5. Accommodation Options: A wide range of accommodation choices, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels, ensures attendees have diverse and convenient options to stay close to the expo venue.
  6. Supporting Industries: The region is home to numerous supporting industries, including tourism, technology, and healthcare, providing a platform for expos to attract relevant businesses and professionals.
  7. Diverse Attractions: Beyond the expo, attendees can enjoy the city’s diverse attractions, including theme parks, entertainment precincts, and natural wonders, offering added value and leisure activities.
  8. Networking Opportunities: The Gold Coast’s vibrant business community and conducive atmosphere encourage networking and collaboration among industry professionals attending the expo.
  9. Climate: The region’s pleasant subtropical climate with mild winters and warm summers makes it an attractive destination year-round, reducing concerns about weather-related disruptions for the expo.
  10. Event Support Services: The Gold Coast offers a wealth of event planning and support services, from catering to technical assistance, ensuring the smooth execution of expos and trade shows.

These factors collectively make the Gold Coast an ideal location for holding expos or trade shows, offering a blend of scenic beauty, logistical convenience, and a conducive environment for business and networking opportunities.

IHG Expo

Metcash Expo

This was, effectively, the Metcash Expo. The multi-day event included an exposition for retailers who were then educated about the brand by means of some great information PLUS a bunch of cool speakers. There were roughly 6000 visitors across the three-day event. The Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre and Star Gold Coast was absolutely the pick of the litter when it came to hosting venues and we just love shooting there!